I was just getting ready to wax poetic about how lovely it was, after a fairly good day of homeschooling, arbitrating arguments, etc, to look outside and see all four  of my oldest children outside sitting up top of the swing set, engaged in conversation about planning a circus event in the backyard for tonight (D. let me know about this earlier), when the serenity was interrupted with the screams of D. because B. hit her in the head with the bat, followed by complaints of C. not sharing the snack sent out for everybody, and I think there was at least one other injustice complained about as well!  Ah, well...at least they're human:).  And still pretty good friends as far as I can tell...still just working on their interpersonal communication skills!

Amy Gabbert
5/7/2009 01:52:21 pm

my friend's son (4) hit my other friend's daughter (2), as she ran by him. His mom said, Caleb, why did you hit Juliana in the face. And Caleb says, "I don't know. I don't know why I did that." And I believed him. Impulsive little buggers!


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