Well all, we made it!!  Jennifer and I arrived at the Indy airport at 4:00AM since we were flying stand-by for 1/2 the cost (THANK YOU JOSH).  Although we arrived early, we were unable to catch the first two flights, but that was not an issue since we caught the third one to Atlanta and then flew out an hour later and arrived in Cancun at 2:30 PM local time (Central Timezone)

After arriving we checked in at the hotel which is held in a ballroom where they serve you drinks (pina colada which we shared) and had a spread of snack food.  After checking in we walked over to the guest service counter where we signed up for our free excursions.  Since we are only here for 4.5 days we decided to only partake of a couple.  First on Tuesday afternoon we're going to enjoy a catamaran ride out to the world's 2nd largest coral reef  where we will enjoy snorkeling and lunch.  The second excursion will be Wet n' Wild on Thursday morning.

Now that we had a chance to check-in there was still about an hour or so before we could get into our room, and since we hadn't really eaten anything all morning, we decided to checkout one of the restaurants.  WOW what a lunch, this hotel has by far the best food of any all-inclusive that we've stayed at previously. 
(Pictures will be added later.)

After lunch we enjoyed 3-4 hours in the pool, laying out, and just enjoying the beautiful weather here in Cancun.  After our relaxing afternoon we showered and went off to dinner at the Brazilian restaurant which served meat on spears (YUM).  The food here didn't disappoint either, although some of the meat was juicier and more flavorful than others.  The chicken was by far the best I have ever had.

After dinner we enjoyeda couple of cappuccinos in a piano lounge area near the main entrance and retired for the evening. 

What a wonderful beginning to a GREAT Anniversary and Vacation!

As for what tomorrow brings, only time will tell, well of course this website will tell as well ,but not until tomorrow.

8/5/2008 12:29:12 pm

wow! i'm so envious! enjoy your much-deserved anniversary vacation! let's catch up, jenn, when you return tanned and relaxed!

8/16/2008 04:32:10 am

The trip must have gotten really good, cause there were no more postings.

Glad you had a great time.



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