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Easter 2008 has proven once again that our Lord and Savior is Alive and Blessing us. 

Jennifer and I had big plans for Easter this year as we had invited some of our friends down to the farm for a Resurrection Sunday celebration.  These plans were almost wiped out this past Wednesday, when Jennifer and our eldest daughter came down with strep-throat..  Being the good husband, I was planning to stay home from work on Thursday in order to help out with the rest of the kids, allowing my wife to rest, however, you guessed it... on Thursday I too came down with strep-throat.  Needless to say, by Friday night, Jennifer and our eldest daughter were feeling much better, however I felt horrible and our eldest son was also starting to not feel good.  Do you think this would keep God from His plans???  NO WAY!!!  He is Good! 

By Saturday morning we had all been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours, meaning that no one was contagious, and we were all feeling really good.  Because of this we knew that our plans for Sunday were aligned with God's plans and we were in-fact going to hold a Resurection Sunday Celebration on the farm.  In preparation for this, the Wagar family attended church service on Saturday night (Indian Creek Christian Church) in order to allow Jennifer and the kids to prepare for our guests on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, Jennifer and I awoke early in order to begin preparations for our celebration.  At 6:30 AM, I placed our 20lb ham (just part of the half of ham that we purchased from a local farmer - Rhodes Family Farm) into the oven (as seen in the Photo Section of this website), hid the kids eggs as well as their easter bags/gifts (this year we decided to purchase all of the kids their own bibles).  At this point I had to run off to help out at church and handed the final preparation over to my wife. 

Seven hours later, the husbands of the other two couples (their wives arrived with their kids around 11:00 AM) and I arrived home to the wonderful scent of a full Easter Dinner.  Needless to say, the food was excellent and we all ate way too much, so what better to do but take a hike, and that's exactly what we did.  Earlier in the day Jennifer went out back and hid 150+ plastic Easter eggs for an after-dinner egg hunt for the kids.  So after we ate, all of us went out back (temp was high 30's/low 40's) watched the kids run/fall/climb/crawl to get as many eggs as possible.  After the kids were done, we all (kids included) hiked down to the creek, which by the way was beautiful as always.

After our hike was over, and since we had worked off our meal, we decided it was time guessed it, dessert!  In memory of Jennifer’s' Grandmother, and using her original cake pan, Jennifer made a three-dimensional lamb cake which happened to go perfect with a nice cup of coffee.  All in all, this is what I would call a Blessed Day!

As you can tell from this posting, we really enjoyed celebrating our Lord's Resurrection and were blessed to have just GREAT friends here to celebrate with us.  I pray that you too had the opportunity to celebrate with your family and/or friends.  Remember... HE IS RISIEN & HE LOVES YOU!

3/24/2008 09:31:18 am

This is such a cute picture. Everyone looks so happy...I know they are.


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