This past weekend Jennifer, the kids and I did something we've never done before... we went on vacation by ourselves.  Now don't get me wrong we've vacationed before, however typically it's down to either my parents in Florida or Jennifer's parents in Mississippi but we've never actually just gone away by ourselves with the kids.  Why Not?  I can't even answer that question, but based upon our experience this past weekend, I can guarantee that we will be doing this much more frequently as it was a GREAT TIME!.

So where did we go?  We traveled about 4 hours north of Nashville Indiana to a small Amish/Mennonite town of Shipshewana, MI.  Now you may be asking what it was that drew us to this location.  The answer, Splash Universe, a hotel with a young kid friendly indoor water park.  Now the kids didn't have a clue that we were even going on vacation let alone to an indoor water park.  Needless to say when we arrived and explained what we were doing, they were ecstatic. 

As you can see from the pictures below we really did have a great time, and we are recommending this hotel to every family we know.  So sit back and enjoy the pictures of our family enjoying our first family vacation

The above photo was taken soon after we arrived and just before we went to the water park.  (notice all of the ladies swimsuits – Jennifer sewed all of them)

The Pictures below, show the exciting room layout...That's right, the kids have bunk beds!!

The next 4 photos help to show the layout of the water park.

The next 4 photos show the kids sliding down the kiddie slides in the kiddie pool which by the way is kept at  very warm 85 degrees (Bath Water)

Check out the Balancing  Act Below

Check him out.. He was doing pull-ups all day on this water feature located in the Kiddie Pool

Obviously it wore him out as both days he took a nap on the lazy river.

Below are the photos of the kids enjoying the FREE popcorn served at 2:00 PM

I guess I have had some influence on the kids... Now if I could influence them in other areas....

Who's ready for some hopscotch?

What a GREAT looking Family...

All of our fun of the weekend is now over and we'll be heading back home, relaxed and loving each other even more than before.

5/15/2008 02:08:12 pm

looks like you had a blast! we're taking our first va-cay in june for a friend's wedding. the four of us are going up to eagle river, wi. i can't wait! we haven't gone anywhere without family, either!

5/29/2008 08:09:38 am

It looks as though all of you had a wonderful time. It is important for all of you to be together as a family. The pics were great...thanks for sharing them!

6/8/2008 09:33:13 am

what a great time! it did not look too crowded either...go more often!


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