That's Right!!  The Wagar family is back onto high-speed internet, and it only took us 14 months.  It's been a bit CRAZY being on a 48K dial-up modem for the past 14 months, but if nothing else it teaches you patience.  Nonetheless we found out about a month ago that it was available and now we're up and running.  Not to say that it wasn't without a few issues, but hey I'm in I.T. so this should be a breeze... 

Well, the setup was, but I forgot to setup the software firewall initially and well...  lets just say that our kids, who are all recovering from double ear infections, weren't the only ones that were sick.  After two long days working on the PC in the evenings to clear out any viruses, setting up the software firewall and then finally moving away from internet explorer all together and replacing it with Firefox, I think we've fixed all the issues, hence the reason that we have had time to begin creating the site that you are viewing right now. 

So what does this mean to you....better and more up-to-date communication from us to you!!  We'll be emailing you more often, we'll be updating this website as much as possible with blogs, photos and even some short movies.  So check back frequently to keep in touch with us.

11/17/2007 09:12:36 pm

Like the website. Also like that you mentioned Stockman Grass Farmer. I cannot wait for the first request we get on our website that the person answers to the question "Where did you hear about us" and they reply the Wagar Family Farm website.

Pictures are great also. Now remember to have Delaney write newsletters too.



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