That picture just about captures our oldest son's fifth birthday party!  It was wild!  BouncerTown (a Chuck E. Cheese style facility except with humongous bounce houses and slides) with 8 kids and a baby can only be crazy!  We ran into a little snafoo with the start time of the party as BouncerTown actually opens at 10 for reserved private parties (not us!) and at 11 for the general public (us!) we loaded up the Magic Party Bus and took a side trip to Chic-fil-A to play in the play area.  Loaded everyone back up again about 20 minutes later and headed back to BouncerTown.  Just added to the fun!!  After a couple hours of counting eight heads every 5 minutes, cashing in tickets and rounding up coats and shoes we headed over to PIzza King and filled all those hungry and thirsty bellies!  I think all the kids will sleep well tonight (and with all the sugar consumed, may still be bouncing in their dreams!). 

Our youngest son was much more inspired with cake this time around, than his birthday!  Seems he just needed to warm up...on this day, he was not bashful!  His hands were still blue well into the evening, when he then enjoyed a second piece of cake and added to the blue.  A nice warm bath took care of all that! 

1/26/2008 11:32:33 pm

Sounds and looks like a great time was had by all. So sorry I had to miss it. Great cake, Jen. I can not believe you made that. I mean I know you are talented enough, it's just that your talents always amaze me.

christi champ
1/30/2008 07:57:57 pm

I can't believe that you guys were so close. We live just down the street from bouncertown and Caleb was just asking when we could see you guys again! We would've stopped in! Glad to see you all had a great time. We'll have to check schedules so we can get together again soon!


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