Well, as I stated in the Farm Blog, it's been way too long since our last update.  So although this one will be a bit of a hodge podge, you will at least be up to date with what the Wagar's are up to.

Baby on the way!  Most of you are well aware of this fact but just in case you live in a cave somewhere far far away, Jennifer and I are pregnant and due in early April of 2010.  God is So AWESOME!

New Small Group at Church.  Nathan Cecil, a great man of God, and friend of mine from church/Seminary, and I started a new small group at church called L.I.F.E.  The acronym means Living by Intentionally Faithful Encounters.  It's a group of 5 families who are intentionally living life together (the good times and the bad).  We have a website where you can go and see what we're up to, read and review our prayer / praise list and you can even get in contact with me through it as well.  Check it out at http://lifeaticcc.weebly.com

Homeschool..  Jennifer is busy as always with homeschool.  B started his first year of formal (well homeschool isn't always formal but you know what I mean) year of school.  With it comes new complications of teaching and training both D and B while at the same time trying to ensure the C and W don't get into too much mischief (which by the way C is really good at, she must have gotten that from her mother....LOL).  With the challenges comes learning for both Jennifer and I.  Jennifer has her days of saying "What are thinking when we decided to homeschool" but those thoughts are quickly dismissed when we realize how much more our children are learning and how much more time we have with them.. It is really a blessing!

Camping..  Yep we went camping.  The family was invited to a family campout at another homeshcool firends home.  It was quite the campout, out of the 6 families that were there we had the fewest number of kids.... You read that right, we had the fewest...  In total there were 5 families and 43 children... There was one family with 9, three other families with 8, a family with 6, and ours with 4.  We were also the most liberal family there.. and yes we're very conservative compared to most other families....  Oh and for the record... We're not Obama supporters.. Where did anyone get that idea..... No one that clings to their religion and guns can be an Obama supporter....

Politics:  Well since we went there, let me say this.. The Wagar family is not real enthused with any of the candidates this year, so our voting will be based on the lesser or two disadvantages.  So why McCain / Palin?  Here you go...  They are:  Pro-Life, They will double the Tax Credits for those with children, they will choose more responsible and conservative Supreme Court Justices, They are against strict gun control (we can talk about this later if you would like), They want to drill now and also invest in alternative fuel sources (i.e wind, solar and nuclear),  They want to stay in Iraq until Iraq is built back up and can fend for themselves (I fully agree that we went in for the wrong reasons, but now that we're there we cannot back down or it will end up on our soil), and much much more.  Now please understand me when I say that Promises are Promises and most of what we here will not actually be completed during the term of a president, however if it does make it, I am more for what McCain / Palin stand for than Obama...  Go McCain / Palin!

Family Vacation:  That's right in about three weeks we will be going on a family vacation, and to make it even better, it's not just my nuclear family but my parents (from Florida) and my sister and her family (from Michigan).  We're all going to meet at the Splash Universe in Shipshewana, IN.  The family is so looking forward to this vacation and spending some time with Aunts/Uncles and grandparents.  Oh and we'll be celebrating my mom's 60th Birthday!! AWESOME.

Well, that's all for now, sorry for the long post and we'll try to me more prudent about getting this site updated.  

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