As a whole, the Wagar family is pretty healthy.   We really watch the amount of refined sugars and flour that we ingest.  In addition we all take an antioxidant supplement called Dyna-mix Gold, which is sold by RelaxoBak.  But this year has proven to be a bit difficult.  Jennifer and I as well as all of the kids have had a tough February and March.  Each of us have had strep throat (some have had it twice just in 2008) as well as just a bad nasal/head cold.  All of this has placed delays on some of the farming plans, and as it gets nicer our it makes it that much worse when one or more of us is sick. 

So please just say a few prayers for my family and I as we're ready to all be back to 100% not only to get things done around here, but more importantly so that we can serve our Awesome God!!

Thank you,

4/1/2008 06:57:18 am

we're sick, too! sore throats, but not strep. hope we didn't pass our sickness to you on friday! feel well and keep us up to date on those chickens! :)
ps. burritos were delicious!


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