Sledding at last! - Wagar Family Farm

Auggh!!  I just lost my whole post, and I'm not quite as inspired to rewrite it!  Suffice to say, the kids are having a blast!  We finally have enough snow (or is it the ice making the sledding go so well?!) to sled on and the kids are enjoying it thoroughly!  B. narrowly missed disaster as he slid from the house, skimmed past the laundry pole, headed for the swing set and spun out at the last moment to avoid the brier patch!  I've got a video of them too but K. is going to work on uploading that at work...check back because it is worth hearing B. yell all the way down and then shout out to D. "I'm going back up that hill!"

Gail (GG)
2/13/2008 21:03:14

Wow, that looks like so much fun!!
Why aren't you on the sled, Jen???

Cannot wait to see the video.


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