I'm having issues with weebly tonight so I published and am starting another post with more pictures...

Amy, Oliver and Avery came over for a lovely visit a few weeks ago...poor Avery may never want to come back after piercing her foot on a stray nail from the coop when she thought she was just playing on an innocent slip and slide!  Amy reports she is healing well, and I think they are still willing to come back!  It is so great having cousins so close by!

I actually got over my squeamishness over crickets!!  I could grab 'em like a pro!

Ok, at the risk of being obnoxious...please note Keith's fish and MY fish!  Who wears the waders in this house:)?

When GG and Papa visited us a few weeks ago, we decided to take our neighbor up on the invitation to come fishing.  It was such a fun time...the fish were biting left and right: we even lost a pole to one of them in the pond!

GG and Papa took all the kids to the creek themselves...is that baby heavy on your back, Dad?!  They had a grand time it seems...and Mom and Dad are convinced we need to start a business: www.slateRus.com!

Just a few random funny pics here:

7/28/2008 01:31:28 pm

Thanks for updating the site. I love the pictures, but I also like to hear what's going on. Need a picture of your "Chick Ladies" out in the yard and walking up the ramp. Wish dogs were that easy to train. It was great seeing Amy, Avery and Oliver at your house. I am glad you guys live close to each other.
We had so much fun on our weekend, can not wait to do it again.

Amy G.
7/29/2008 06:44:08 am

Did you use Keith's fish to bait yours?? ♥


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