Twas the night before Christmas when down on the farm, not a creature was stirring as to cause any alarm;
So we hung our stockings by the entry with care, as we don't have a fireplace or any of that flair.
Our four children were nestled all snug in their Christmas pajamas since it was only thirty degrees out and we don't live in the Bahamas. 
Now with Mom in her PJ's and I in a stocking cap, we settled on down and started to wrap.
When upstairs in the house we heard such a clatter, but quickly found out it was our eldest Son, relieving his bladder. 
Back to our room mom and I had to flee, in order to start setting up the kids new teepee.
Soon we were done wrapping all of the presents; and decided we'd better get rest before the next days events.
But before we laid down to dream and reminisce; we knew it was time to give our kids a good nights kiss. 
After we prayed by their sides and turned off the night light, we whispered in their ears, we love you dear child, Merry Christmas and Good Night.

--Keith Wagar December 2007

12/27/2007 02:32:31 pm

Wow! What a great visit with your family. Wonderful to share life's events both the great easy times & the hard soul searching times. Also what fun "odds & ends" info including the great tasting Sanen goat's milk-not something I would have tried without someone else going first! Good luck with the coyote. He's beautiful, but...

Amy G.
12/28/2007 05:19:22 pm

Hi Jenn and Keith and kids,

It's nice to have a place to check in more frequently than Christmas cards! The kids have grown so much!


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