I was looking through my thesis written for PT school (got distracted while trying to organize homeschool stuff for the year!) and happened to flip to page that held a quote that I profoundly remember hearing during the interview with the person who spoke it.  This person was paralyzed from the neck down from multiple sclerosis and in spite of this challenge had an incredible positive focus.  I was inspired by him then and enjoyed revisiting his wisdom.  Here is the quote from, "Lane":

"LIfe can be so full of both good and bad times, you know, you can remember if you want when you went out Saturday night that you got your girl, Suzy, to kiss you and that was the big event of the night.  Or you can remember how on the way home you ran into a tree and dented your dad's fender on his car.  And [it] seems in life we get alternatives like that and one of the things I've somehow managed to do, and I'm not sure the mechanics of this function, but during the course of my day, certain good things and bad things happen to me as well.  And I've had a tendency to sooner forget, mentally be able to eliminate from my mind, many of the bad things that happen while at the same time, sort of making it a point to recall the good things that happen.  So I forget the bad, remember the good and  underline the good by recalling it yet once more.  And it tends to elevate my mood in general or on a continuing basis." 6/18/99

9/2/2008 01:06:13 pm

(totally understand getting distracted- i'm supposed to be getting ready for bed!) love the quote- it's true- let's remember the good over and over again.


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