First off, let me apologize for not having updated this site in quite a while.  As most of you are fully aware, the Wagar family has been quite busy these days..  BUT THAT's NO EXCUSE... so here we go.....

From a farming perspective, things have been going well.  It's now the time of year that it's starting to get darker earlier (around 7:30) and it stays darker longer (sunrise at about 7:30) so because of this I have had to add a light and timer on the chicken coop.  Why you may ask?  If we want any chance of having eggs this year, by the way they should start laying sometime within the next 2,5 weeks or so) they need to have around 16 hours of light per day.  So I installed a light in the coop which comes on at 5:30 AM and then goes off at 7:30ish AM.  At night then it comes back on at 7:30ish PM and goes off at around 10:30ish.  Give these ladies a few more weeks and we'll see if we're doing this right.,... we cannot wait to have our first fresh egg...... Oh and don't worry we'll post pictures of it as soon as it arrives..... (Proud Parents!!)

The tractor's not getting much of a work out this time of year either, as the grass has really slowed down in its growth, which might I add is good and bad.  You see the chickens really tear up the ground quite a bit, so I would prefer that it grew faster, however for the winter we're planning on arranging the coop in part of the yard that we don't mind if they tear up and then come spring we'll plant see there and let the circle of life thing happen all over again.

It's also that time of year when the garden is pretty much finished.  We had such a wonderful garden this year... It wasn't much to look at but the Cabbage, Bell and Hot Peppers, and Tomatoes were spectacular.  Soon I will be tilling up the ground for the winter and I think at the same time we'll be tilling up another plot of land for a garden next year.  Currently we have a 10x20 area and we'll probably double that for next year... With 4 kids and one on the way.. you can never have too much food.

That's all for now, we love all and again sorry for not updating this site more frequently.

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