As Jennifer's previous post stated, I did have one chicken fly out of their coop today.  I was down with them and one decided to perch up on the top of the coop and when i came near her, she took flight and landed on one of my work benches.  Well, needless to say, we decided to clip one of their wings tonight.  It was a good thing to because just before we started another one did the exact same thing...

Clipping went well, essentially you have one person grab the chickens and hold on (me) and the other person pull out their wing and clip (Jenn) the first 10-12 feathers, which are called their primary flight feathers. See the photos below:

Now as you can imagine, with 26 of the same breed, it can be difficult to know who you have clipped and who you haven't... so in comes the dot headed part.  Jennifer grabbed a sharpie marker and we marked the heads of those that we had completed.  Jennifer thought that it would be funny to film me attempting to catch our last one.. check it out!


7/3/2008 05:55:53

The two photos do not show up, but the video does. Good job.


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