So at what tempature do chickens become flash frozen?  Well, based upon our experience last week, it's when the tempature is -10 degrees with a -25 degree wind chill.  Yep, that's right, I went out to collect eggs and lock up the hens a week ago and found a frozen chiken.  She was solid as a rock.  It looked like she had frozen to death while roosting and just fell over.  The other 25 ladies were just fine but I have since modified the coop slightly in order to reduce the about of airflow that wind can cause through the rafters.  I also added 7 bales of straw to the interior allowing for more insulation.  So far so good.

Oh so back to the frozen dinner... No we didn't eat her, I would have but like I said she was frozen solid.  She ended up in our thistle patch in order to continue the circle of life (probably for coyotes)

End an up note, the ladies keep producing for us, as the 25 remaining hens are providing us with an average of 19 eggs per day. 


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