Well well, it's been a few weeks since I last posted anything about our farm.  We've been extremely busy making mistakes (a dog, which is a long story that I am not going to go into) making plans (for the chicken coop which still needs to be built), reading and writing a paper for seminary, planting a garden, oh yeah and attempting to raise 4 kids and working 40+ hrs a week... Nonetheless, it's no excuse, I should have been posting more pics..

Anyway onto the Chickens!! 

The chicks are no longer chicks, they're chickens and based upon their size and the sheer amount of dust that they are creating (we have about a 1/4" of dust on covering everything in the garage YUCK!), they need go outside and as quickly as possible. 

The plans are in place for the coop, the wagon which we purchase was delivered about a week ago (photo coming soon) so now it's on to the design and materials list.  This aspect should be completed tonight and I hope to order all of the supplies from Menards tomorrow.  My hope is that they will be able to deliver it all sometime early next week and that I can start working on the structure and complete the build by the end of the holiday weekend. (optimistic)

I will do my best to take many photos of the build and maybe even a video as well so keep checking back.  As for now however I will leave you with a couple of photos of the fully feathered chickens..  Enjoy!!

6/27/2008 07:31:02

I think you chickens are much cuter than other chickens I have seen. When will you start getting eggs?


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