Well if  you read the latest post under the family tab (Guys Day Out), you may have expected to see a post similar to this one over here.  (keep reading)

Do you remember seeing the post earlier this, or maybe it was late last year, about the coyote we saw on our property?  Well I was talking with my neighbor to the north a couple of weeks ago and was sharing that we were planning to get some chickens in about a month.  To this, he shared his story of getting chickens a few years back.  He stated that he had built them a small pen and surrounded it with chicken wire, the next morning (after the first night out) he stated that he went out to check on them in the morning and there was chicken carnage.  Apparently coyotes came in the night, chewed through the chicken wire and killed all of the chickens.... 

Not wanting to end up with the same outcome as my neighbor, and knowing that my pellet rifle wouldn't really do much other than make the coyotes mad, I purchased my first .22 rifle.  (see picture below).  It's a Ruger 10/22, the most purchased .22 in history. 

Now before you grandparents start to give me a lecture on having a gun in the house with children, let me tell you that the ammunition is not kept with the gun ,and the gun, when not in use, has a trigger lock installed on it, meaning that the rifle cannot be loaded and the trigger cannot be pulled when it is installed.

In addition to the rifle, we are also purchasing a portable electric fence which should also deter any predators including coyotes from getting to the chickens. 

Best case scenario, I will be only using it for target practice on the back 40, and as my kids get older using it who teach them how to shoot. 

Worst case scenario, I will need to shoot a coyote, which means that we'll just need to stuff it and have a mascot for our school (Coyote Creek Christian Academy).

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