Hopefully all of you are enjoying as nice of weather as we are here in southern Indiana, and all of us know what happens when the weather gets nice…..SPRING CLEANING.

For the Wagar farm, spring cleaning means a few different things.  First and foremost, spring cleaning this year meant that we would for the first time have garbage pickup, YAHOO!!!  You see, this may not seem like an extravigance to you, but when you live in the middle of nowhere, getting garbage pickup is better than having a gormet kitchen.  This means no more dogs/racoons/cats digging through the trash, spreading it all over our 5 acres. 

Secondly, spring cleaning means revamping the driveway.  As you probably know, gravel driveways deterorate after a period of time  (which in our case means about every three years.  Needless to say with all of the rain we have had all winter, we’re down to dirt and mud.  That will all change this weekend when the first of three 21 ton loads of gravel are going to be dropped off.  That’s right, after the whole shabang is completed we’ll have spread 63 tons of gravel down in order to recreate our driveway.  Now it sounds like (and is) a lot of gravel, but when you compare prices it’s cheap compated to the alternatives of blacktop or concrete (the blacktop estimate came in at $3500.00 ouch!!) at only $600.00 total.

Third, spring cleaning means tractor and yard tool maintenance, which in this case meant replacing the three mower blades off of my antique Woods RM-59 3-point hitch mower.  Now this sounds much easier than it was…. Let’s just say it took about 3 hours, two men, a chain, breaker bar, and a 15/16 socket.  Nonetheless, we won and the blades are off…now I just have to go drop the $55.00 to purchase and install the new ones.

All in all, it’s springtime, we’re loving it and doing all of these projects prepares our minds, bodies and equipment for all of the work ahead of us.

Praise God for warmer days more sunlight.


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