Well well, the chicks are now 7 days old (5 days at our house) and their growing like crazy.  Many of our friends want to come down to see them while their still chicks, but they better hurry as the chicks are growing fast.  All of them now have their adult wing feathers coming in, and some of them even have their tail feathers coming in.  They are now going through about 48 oz of food per day and about 3/4 of a gallon of water.  As for bedding, were needing to change clean out some of the poop daily and then clean out all of the bedding about every two to three days. 

One thing we didn't think about with our brooder (the house you use until they can go out to their coop outdoors) was a cover.  As the wing feathers come in they are starting to flap around and learn what their wings can actually do.  Although they cannot get out of the pool yet, were not too long from the time when they will.  So, due to this new phenomenon, I will be building some sort of mesh cover later on this weekend.  (I'll post pics as soon as I have some)

For now though enjoy the updated pictures and video of the chicks.

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