In anticipation to fence in approximately 2 of the 5 acres of our property, I have up to now used estimated dimensions based upon tools provided in Google Earth (free satellite imaging software available for download).  As we get closer to actually purchasing the fencing components, I wanted a more accurate measurement of the area; hence this past Saturday I tied up my boots and headed out to the back 40.

....It was while I marked off the property using my 330' tape measure that I once again realized how blessed we are to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful area, it really shows Gods creation in a magnificent way.  We should all take some time to reflect on God's wonderful creation that just happens to be surrounding us at all times but that we almost always take for granted....

Anyway, after about an hour and a half of walking around and marking the property it was time to begin my calculations, here are the results:

Total Fence Length = 2,100 Linear Feet 
 Total Wire Needed = 21,000 Linear Feet Total Number of Posts Needed = 120

By the way if you are interested in knowing how accurate the Google Earth tool is, my estimate via Google Earth said that I would be at 2000 linear feet of fence. (not bad at all for estimates)

Next steps for me, continue to pray to ensure this is the direction God wants us to go, wait for our tax return, and move the direction of Gods' prompting.

Stay tuned and find out what we're going to do next!!

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