I have to say that one of my least favorite yard jobs is trimming... 1.5 years ago I went out and purchased my second gas trimmer (to replace the Ryobi that finally died).  I purchased a sears one that promised a 1-pull start with auto-choke... Well, one of the reasons I hate to trim is because it takes 25+ pulls to get this two-cycle trimmer started..

Thinking over this, I came to the conclusion is must be the fuel as I have plenty of experience with lighting gasoline on fire, so I figured my problem must be the mixture of oil to gas that I was using... I decided to dump 3/4 of the mixed fuel out (into a burn barrel) and filled the rest up with straight gas... Volia.. it worked.. On the second pull it fired up and ran like a champ. Now I just need to figure out the exact right combo in order to ensure I don't burn out the motor.. (btw, I had been using the mixture ratio that it suggested:  1 small container of oil to 1 gallon gas)

Nonetheless, the kids can now play on their playset without fear of what's lerking in amongst the tall weeds and grass (3.5 feet tall at time of trimming.

Enjoy Kids!!

Dyke Hanson

Keith !!!,

Gas is mixed by ounces not small cans... Does that trimmer smoke much when it runs with a can of oil to a can of gas? I am cheap !! In the spring I dump the small amount of gas, oikl, and stabilizer into the Fairlane and burn it out. Carburators will burn about anything !


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