Well, it’s with great joy and praise to God that I write all of you today. 

As many of you know, Jennifer and I have been planning to start our family farm for the past few years, but our financial ability to move forward with our dream had not yet caught up.  As you have read in my previous blog entries, we had planned on this changing this year with our tax return and a bonus from work, and although both of these did come through in greater amounts than we had expected, God has a different plan for us… 

You see, God has placed it upon both Jennifer and my heart to take the financial blessing that He has provided us and instead of purchasing more with it and starting our farm (by our plan), we we’re both convicted by the Holy Spirit (neither of us knew each other was being convicted of the same thing until we both talked to each other two nights ago) to instead take one more step to financial freedom and payoff our Van (God’s plan). 

Although some may see this as a potential setback for our dream, we have complete faith in our awesome God, that He has better timing that we do for our dreams.   And as an example of this, he is blessing us with the ability to start small and obtain chickens for this year.  As for the rest of our animals, etc, we’ll just have to see what God’s plans are and what timing He sets forth for us.

So today, please join with the Wagar family as we give glory and praise to God for His wonderful guidance and leadership of our family.

Thanks be to God!

Olive and Bethany Wagar
3/7/2008 19:40:25

Hello Wagar Family Farm! We just now stumbled across your web address as we were looking for your email. What a great site! We are loving all the photos and videos. The kids are so grown up! We are so sorry we have missed most of their birthdays this year. We will try to do better on that. We're sorry we have been so out of touch! Your farm looks ideal and beautiful. We see God's Hand blessing your family. We will definately be checking back here regularly to keep tabs on everyone! Could you send us your email address? Ours is olivedawn@peoplepc.com. We love you all so much!

Amy Gabbert
3/8/2008 13:14:12

Sounds wise!!


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