This week, our for our family night festivities, we sat down with Taco Salad and watch the classic Old Yeller.  If by some slim chance you have never seen Old Yeller, it's about a boy's love for his dog. 

"No film better portrays the powerful emotions of hope, courage, and friendship. When his younger brother adopts a frisky lop-eared stray, 15-year-old Travis, acting "man-of-the-house," tries to shoo him away. But Old Yeller soon proves he is anything but "yellow" when he protects the family farm and saves Travis' life. From its charming simplicity to its gripping conclusion, the drama, humor and heart of OLD YELLER belong in everyone's collection." -

Wagar Parents Recommendation = YES

5/24/2008 02:13:11 pm

my parents rented this when they visited after oliver was born- i had no interest in watching it then- too hormonal!!!!! maybe in a few months when i'm ready for a good cry. :)


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