Our children received this as a Christmas present and since that time have watched this 4 or 5 times (which in the Wagar house, is a lot). 

There are very few movies that keep all of our kids engaged throughout the one and half our duration, but this one does exactly that.  From C, age 3 to B, age 5 and even D, age 6, it was all eyes on the movie (which isn’t necessarily something we like, but that’s for another blog entry in a different section of this site)  …Back to the movie….

For those who have not seen the movie (very few I suspect), it’s a story about a rat who loves to cook and how he helps a kid (who later finds out is the son of a famous chef but cannot cook to save himself).  The kid works at a once flourishing restaurant which is now struggling and together he and the rat attempt to revive the status of the restaurant… Are they able to?  You’ll need to find this out for yourself.

This movie kept all of our family’s attention with its fast paced family friendly story.

Wagar Family Recommendation = YES

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