Well, I survived my session of my first class in Seminary.. Now that my not seem like a big deal but after bing out of school for 10 years, I had no idea what to expect and if you know me I expect the worst...

Well, it wasn't bad, the class itself was very interesting, the prof seems very fair and keeps the class clipping right along.  There are a total of 14 students in the class and I am 1 of 3 that currently do not work in a church and 1 of 2 that have a secular college background... What does all of this mean?  I am in class with a bunch of preachers kids and those that are more knowledgable than me in the Bible, it can be quite intimidating.  Nonetheless, I am excited to see what the next class and book has in store for me and as with the previous book, I will be posting my book review right here on the site.

Until then, God Bless!

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