Do you take the time to ensure all that you do reflects the face of Christ? We all know that we should, but how many times does it actually happen?  I know for me, there are peaks and valleys..  You see it’s real easy to reflect the face of Christ when we are working on “Christian” things (i.e. helping out at a shelter, cleaning up a church, attending church, etc), but what about those other times?  How can you and I ensure that when we start, are working on and when we complete a task/job/project, that the face of Christ will be reflected for all to see? 

I feel that the video below is a great representation of how you and I can have that assurance,  no matter the size of or the stringent timelines for our task/job/project, if we build it upon What and Who Christ is, His face will always shine through.

Take a look and reflect!



Do me a favor…. Take out a pencil/pen and a piece of paper.  On the paper quickly right down 5 things God has blessed you and/or your family with..






Got them written down?  Great!  Now, go ahead and think about and write down 5 more things God has blessed you and/or your family with..






Great, now you have 10 things written down that God has blessed you and/or your family with, correct?

Okay.  Now look over your list and see how many of them fit into one of the following categories:

1.      Family

2.      Friends

3.      Work

4.      Possessions

Do all of yours fit into one of the 4 above noted categories?  If you’re like most Christians (including me), they do/did..  Also, like most Christians, you’ve probably thanked the Almighty Creator for these Blessings.  In fact, many of them you/I thank Him for everyday, right?

So now you’re saying, yeah what’s the point?  The point is, we all see/give thanks for the Blessings that God provides for us on a daily basis, but how often do you/I give Him Glory and Praise for our #1 blessing?  SALVATION

Let’s be honest for a second, shall we…. We just celebrated Easter right?  Since Easter Sunday, how many of us, me included, have given praise and Glory to God for His decision to sacrifice His only Son in order to save all of us?  That has to be the hardest decision any parent can make, and He made it in order that we, could be saved…. WOW as a parent of 5 children, I look at that and say, could I make that decision, could I sacrifice one of my children in order to save many?  My prayer is that I would never be placed into a situation where I needed to make that decision ….

I came across this video (below) last night and could not get my mind off the sacrifice that God has made for us... Watch the video and then give Glory to God for His ultimate sacrifice and your ultimate Blessing!