Well all, after receiveing a A in my first class, fundimentals of biblical preaching, I decided to take on my next class, Leadership in Management at a church.  Well, just like that last class this one is quite interesting and fun at the same time... I just wish I could say the same thing about the homework.  For this class the following is due on Oct 31, 2008.  (1) 15+ page research paper, (4) reading reviews from 4 books we had to read, (1) new ministry paper,  and (1) life map exercise.  So far (halfway through class) I have completed the (1) new ministry paper, and have started (1 of 4) of the book reviews.. Let's just say I need to get my butt in gear in order to finish strong. 

But since I have completed the new ministry paper, and keeping with my wanting to share my seminary experience with everyone here, I have attached a copy of it below.  Feel free to read it and let me know what you think.


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Well, I just received my feedback from my prof on my sermon that I post in my previous blog entry.. He had some great points about how it could have been improved and I plan to make some, if not all of those changes before I actually use this in-front of a congregation.  Included in his packet of information back to me was my overall grade in the class as well.... Are you ready?

I got an A!!!! YES!  Wahoooooo... Hey I'm pretty exceited since I was a 3.1 average student in college and prior to this class I haven't had any formal bible school.  Now it's onto the next class which is Leadership and Management for Ministry...