Well, two classes are in the books... Although I don't know what my grade was on the 2nd class yet. 

As part of this second class “Leadership in Management for Ministry” we were to produce a Life Map.  You might ask, what is a life map?  A life map is essentially a three-year life plan.  Where do you want to be in three years and how are you going to get there.. Why three years?  Three years is significant because that was the entire span of Christ’s ministry, three years.  When creating these life maps we were to do it creatively as our own, so you guessed it I created a website for it…. LOL…  If you would like to review mine please feel free to do so at wagarlifemap.weebly.com.

As for the new class “Intro to vocational ministry” the class going well.  It’s a 2-2-2 style meaning that we meet for two consecutive days once a month for three months.  The class provides a good general overview of ministry.  As an example in our first session we talked about weddings, funerals, hospital visits and counseling. 

When I get time, I will post some additional work that I completed in both the 2nd and this current class.

Until then, remember God Loves You!