Sorry for the delay in posting but we were having so much fun we didn't have the time to get on the PC and update the blog.  Also, our schedules have been crazy since we have returned and I am now just getting to the point where I have a few minutes to let you know how everything was.  In short, IT WAS AWESOME!!

Moon Palace Resort and Spa is by far the best resort we have ever stayed at.  The actual resort is broken in to two separate resorts;  the Sunrise side and the Nizuk side.  Our ocean front room was on the Nizuk side and it was fabulous.  Over the course of the 4 days we were there, we participated in the following activities at no additional cost:
     1.  Unlimted food and beverages 24-hours a day
     2.  Relaxation by any of the 20 fresh water pools
     3.  Relazation by the ocean (thatched cabannas included)
     4.  Non-motorized water sports - we enjoyed sea kyacking and we both attempted wind surfing and let me tell you, that is a work out..
     5.  Snorkeling excursion - This was a 5 hour excursion where we went out on a 55-foot catermeran to the snorkeling site, where we then spent a good 45 minutes in the water.  The fish were all around us as our guide brought food to entice them with.  Our guide also caught a lobster, conch, and various kinds of starfish, all of which were passed around so that you could hold them and see them up close.
     6.  Wet and Wild excursion - This was another 5 hour excersion which took us by boat over to the Wet and Wild water park in Cancun.  On the way over the crew put on a bit of a show but for the most part it was pretty mild.  In the park we enjoyed (or should I say I enjoyed) the various water slides (Jennifer didn't realize how scared of heights she was until she attempted to walk up the stairs in order to go down the slides), wave pool, lazy river, and of course the all-you-can-eat food (DANG that Salsa was HOT!!!).  We were worn out so we caught the early boat back to the resort and boy was that an experience.  It was the same crew that brought us over but it turned into a drinking frenzy as they passed our cold beer to anyone who wanted it and then they pulled out the tequila and started pouring it into the passengers mouths.  It got a bit wild but the crew was all dressed up and it was pretty funny a Mexican Beetlejuice (see the pic below and you'll know what I mean.
     7.  Did I mention that we ate.... We enjoyed some of the best food we have ever had, vacation-wise that is.  This hotel offered it all.  For dinner we ate at the following types of restaurants:  Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, As for breakfasts and lunches, they are all buffet style and again and spectacular.
     8.  For those Starbucks lovers out there, the resort had a coffee shop that was to die for.  Jennifer and I enjoyed the hot cappuccinos all week long, 2-4 each per night (and we wondered why we couldn't sleep) but during the day it was the cappuccino frappe's and virgin banana daiquiris that helpped us keep cool in the hot Mexican sun.

I know that I'm not doing this vacation justice with my synopsis of what we did, as I know that I am leaving some of it out, but I would give this vacation a score of 10 on a scale of 1-5.  Check out the pics below.

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8/17/2008 09:36:07 am

Thanks for the great pictures. Looks like you both had a great time. Very relaxed. Glad you were able to celebrate this way. Happy Many More.

8/18/2008 11:27:18 pm

oh guys! it looks like you guys had a great time. what a way to celebrate 10 amazing years and 4 great children! love the pictures!


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