WOW how time flies, the Wagar family celebrated our youngest son's 1st Birthday on December 15th.  This has been quite a year for this little one, who was diagnosed with epilepsy (seizures) back in August of this year.  Since that time he has endured multiple tests which include an MRI, a regular EEG's, a 24-hour video EEG, and about 15+ blood tests.  We have been blessed to work with the state's best neurological seizure specialist, and based upon the results prayer and the multitude of tests have been blessed with the news that his seizures, which were first diagnosed as infantile spasms (very rare and debilitating), are actually focal seizures which have a much better and more manageable prognosis.  He is currently on medication (Kepra) which at this point have allowed him to be seizure-free for the past 3 months.  Our prayer for him on this 1st Birthday, is that the medication would continue to work and that God would place His healing hand upon our son's head and remove all seizures from him permanently. 

So here's to our son!  Here Here...  

God has blessed you my son..and He has blessed us by allowing you to be in our family.  WE LOVE YOU!

12/21/2007 07:20:46 am


the kids are so cute. Got your card. There is no return address again this year and I do not have your e-mail or phone number....e-mail me please.



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