This is a conversation that D and I have all the time.. She says "Dad, do you know what?"  and of course my first response is "No, but I now who" and although in the beginning she got frustrated when   I said this, she has come to play along.  It was funny, we were going through this yesterday in the car and she doesn't even have an inkling of who Abbott and Costello are/were we actually successfully had  a "Who's on First" type conversation.  So much so in fact that when Jennifer came out of the store, she said "Mommy, listen to what daddy and I can do".

So in celebration of this, I have decided to post one of the original videos of Abbott and Costello performing their famous "Who's On First"


8/18/2008 11:23:18 pm

Oh, you just have to record that "do you know what"


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