On Sunday April 27th, our fellowship group came down to the house.  During the afternoon, the guys enjoyed some guy time while the ladies took care of the kids. 

During this time the guys headed out to the back 40 and setup a firing range.  All together we had 7 guys, 4 guns, 200 clay pigeons, 2 stationary targets and a whole lot of testosterone. <insert Tim the Tool Man Taylor Noise Here>

Needless to say, we had a great and very SAFE time, however there was some fallout (at least for me), as seen in the photo below... this is an example of what happens when you shoot a 12-guage pump and a 20-guage skeet gun for about 2 hours???  But let me tell you it was worth it..

Oh, worry not, the ladies are having a "Ladies Day Out" this coming Saturday.  They're going to the new IKEA store in Cincinnati, OH.  (I just don't know how they're planning to shop all day and take care of the kids....LOL)

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