I was thinking over my day as I was scraping plates in the kitchen and remembered a tender moment in the car with B.  Feeling that noting that in a blog would be much more desirable than continuing at my current task, here I am at the computer.  We had a very full day today: dragged the kids out of bed at 6:30 to head to Franklin and we returned, tired and bedraggled at about 4:45 this afternoon.  In the car, on the way home from Walmart, I told the kids what a great job they had done all day.  They were patient (mostly!) and pleasant to be with.  I could return the looks of raised eyebrows (meaning to convey exasperation at the sheer number of children hanging off my cart) with "they're a good handful" with all sincerity.  And B. returned with,  "You did a good job too, Mom!  You are the best Mommy in the whole world!"  Oh, very nice.  Because it is days like this when I do feel a little frazzled: dragging everyone in and out of a bazillion stores (one of them being a pharmacy where I met the utmost in humiliation as a college aged, not so bad looking young man had to measure my not-so-well shaved legs, itchy and red from varicosed veins, pale from lack of sun and topped off with cute little black ankle socks for my equally lovely support hose...oohh, sexy prego mama!) and everyone hungry and tired most of the day (including me!) that I often lose my cool, say things I often regret.  But today was a really great day!  It was so kind of B. to notice too!  But, as I realized, it was not in my own capacity.  Christ surely fills in the rough edges, being what I cannot be on my own.  And He gives my the chance to let my little boy see me as the best in the world.  Hopefully, I can point him in the direction of who really is.

And by the way, I will get back to those dishes...or the fruit flies may take over the kitchen!
Farm mama

9/17/2008 03:14:08 pm

Aren't children wonderful!!!

9/29/2008 12:51:53 am

glad to hear your day went well, considering. it was great to see you and spend time with your kids.

love, tammy


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