In case you have not heard by now, Jennifer and I received unfortunate news yesterday which was confirmed today by our midwife.  At Jennifer's request (due to  a gut feeling and some continual spotting), we were provided with an appointment for an ultrasound yesterday.  It was during this ultrasound that we were given information that things weren't measuring up to what it should be and that a heartbeat could not be found.  After a very difficult evening (although comforted by many close friends & family), it was confirmed this morning by our midwife that our pregnancy is an inevitable miscarriage. 

The prayer that we would ask you to lift up is that the miscarriage comes and goes quickly and that Jennifer is as comfortable as possible during the whole process.  In addition just lift Jennifer up in prayer both physically and mentally as she deals with the emotional and hormonal side of the miscarriage.  As for the Kids and I, just pray that we too work through the mourning process in a positive manner. 

As for the family as a whole, we know that God will use this situation for His glory and we give praise to God for that.

Through His Grace alone,

Keith, Jennifer & The Kids

PS.  At the end of this week I will be removing the pregnancy link from this site.  It is in our prayers that we will be able to add it back in the near future...

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