As knowledge and Wisdom increase, project requirements change and that is exactly what has happened in the case of our Fencing project.  Since we're new to this whole farm thing we know that we're going to make some mistakes along the way, however many of these mistakes can be avoided by speaking with and learning from those who are wiser.  In this case our changes have come from our asking other local farmers what they suggest we do with the fence.  In this case it's a win/win situation for us as we have not yet started and the overall cost of the fence should be reduced based upon the changes. 

As you may be aware (if you have read my previous fence blog posting) we were planning on a 4 piece fence (barb wire, woven wire, high tensile - non electrified, and high tensile - electrified), however our new approach, again based upon the knowledge of multiple farmers who have done this many times is a two piece fence consisting of 8 lines of high tensile - non electrified on the outside of the fence and two-offset lines of high tensile - electrified on the inside (see diagrams below for more details). 

Some of the advantages of this style fence are:  You use fewer fence posts (1 per 40 feet on flat ground), The high tensile wire is much less expensive and easier to install than wire fence, and the wires are much easier to stretch and keep tight, vs. the woven wire.

So looks like we're moving forward on this project, it's now time to add up the costs and make some purchases.... 

Keep coming back for more updates!!

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