Hey all, at this point 2 classes are "in the books" pun intended.... LOL   and with 2 A's (well my last one was an A- but that doesn't effect my GPA)  I am pretty darn happy.  This third class which will be ending this coming weekend (Jan 9-10) was an introduction class and seemed to mostly talk about what it means to be in ministry (all of those things outside of Sunday morning).  We talked about minister's finances, integrity, ministering to the mourning, sick, dying.  How to officiate a wedding and funeral, what it means to be ordinated, and much much more. 
All in all, it has been interesting, although I am perplexed by what is going to be on our final exam, as our professor has stated that it will be over our class notes and since he teaches by telling stories... I have no idea of what will be on it.

Also staring this week is class number 4.  This class will be covering decipleship and is unique in that we will have 7 guest speakers in, each from a different church, providing us with 7 viewpoints on what decipleship means within the Christian church.  Should be very interesting, however it is on the Tuesday night schedule meaning that each tuesday I will need to be away from my family, which stinks.

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